How To Get More Enquiries From Your Business Website

So you’ve invested blood, sweat and actual tears in designing and building an all-singing, all-dancing website. Google Analytics is looking good, but you’re just not converting that web traffic into sales or enquiries. Stress no more! Let us here at Fifteen Three Digital share some sure-fire tricks on how to convert those clicks into contacts.

Social proof

Before pulling the trigger on a product or service, how many times have you compulsively read endless reviews, or consulted your cousin/BFF/neighbour? Due to a phenomenon known as herd mentality, people tend to mimic the behaviour of others, especially when they consider them similar to themselves. Testimonials and reviews are the obvious answer here. Build trust and credibility by positioning a few of your favourites on your landing page. For maximum impact, try and ensure the authors include information on themselves/their company and what they do, as well as all the great things you have done for them!

Strong calls to action

Join, Start, Download, Click, Buy, Discover, Try, Watch. Whatever your command verb of choice, ensure it stands out on the page. There are two main motivations behind a Call To Action (CTA) – to tell someone what to do, and give them the tools to carry it out. Position them in prominent spots and try using larger fonts, vibrant colours and even animated buttons. Have a play around with different styles and locations to discover your winning formula.

Blow your own trumpet

Service pages have a huge job to perform. They need to inform the visitor what you do, what you can offer and how you can solve their problems. Sounds simple, right? Hang on. Don’t forget to make them quick and easy to find on the site; include a range of contact details (more on that later) and remember, design is key. As well as words, use images, icons and videos to get your message across. Create an optimal user experience with clear formatting and user-friendly layouts which are easy to scan and navigate. And finally, if visitors are landing on the service page but are hesitant about getting in touch, consider adding a CTA for a free consultation or informal chat with your team.

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

One of the most obvious but often overlooked ways to boost your online enquiries is to make it easy to communicate with you. Phone number, email, contact form, WhatsApp – whatever your preference, present visitors with their options platter with a clear CTA at the bottom of each page. Or for maximum impact, consider putting a phone number in the header. If you have the resources, a live chat option is also encouraging. Your goal is to make it crystal-clear what the visitor needs to do next, and ensure they’re able to get in touch with you on their first attempt.

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