WordPress Website Support for Marketing Departments

Get technical help and support with your business’s WordPress website.

Does your business have a WordPress website but you’re not entirely sure how parts of it work or how to make the changes you need? Maybe you’re confident with the minor updates but there are parts of the site you don’t understand?

Or maybe you’re just busy planning and implementing  marketing campaigns and other marketing activity and would like some help and support with how the website fits in and getting changes and improvements made.

Whatever the case, we can help!

From adding new landing pages, improving your site’s performance, looking at Google Analytics data or getting your site integrated with your CRM, we have a lot of experience supporting marketing managers in small to medium sized businesses.

We add value by talking through ideas, providing technical support and helping to get web stuff delivered!

We can provide this type of support either on an ad-hoc or monthly basis.

If you’d like some help with your WordPress website, we’d love to hear from you!

Get in touch now to book your free consultation.

Our WordPress Support for Marketers Includes

Website Updates

We'll take care of any updates to your website, getting these off your never ending to do list.

New Website Features

We can also plan and implement any new features you need to include on your site to support your marketing.

Landing Pages

We can design and set up any new landing pages needed for new campaigns including lead capture.

SEO Advice

We can carry out an SEO review and give you some recommendations on how to improve your site's rankings.

Google Integrations

Help with setting up and making sense of data from Google Analytics, Tag Manager & Search Console.

Other Integrations

Help with integrating Facebook & Linkedin, your CRM, email software or payment systems.

Personalised Training

Not sure how your WordPress site works? We can provide personalised training for your website.

General Help & Support

Get help & support on any aspect of your WordPress website from a web specialist with a marketing mindset.

Prices from £195

Our WebsiteCare & support plans for marketers start from just £195 + VAT per month.

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